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3 INFANT DEVELOPMENT SECRETS are foundational to EQUIPPING YOU with the tools to


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Elizabeth Agrapidis is an accomplished educator, pediatric physical therapist, teacher, NDT certified practitioner, author, toy inventor, wife, and a mom of two.

She is putting many of the puzzle pieces of whole child development together for nannies, caregivers, and professionals like you from the convenience of your home through a certification program and specially offered seminars.

Elizabeth offers these programs and active support communities to assist children and families! By optimizing a baby’s movement patterns and development before anything becomes a problem it greatly impacts their future.

Her growing movement is called AbiliFit Pediatric Development Specialists through which she delivers the Develop Connect Nurture Method & Certification Program!

As a PE teacher, adaptive PE teacher for children with special needs, and a pediatric physical therapist, she noticed that there was something missing and she wanted to help with children’s early development from that point on in her journey.

Elizabeth now takes that knowledge and practical experience and provides hands-on developmental strategies, knowledge and tools for your “Nanny Pack” through coaching and her online program. This will help nannies, caregivers, and families to be better equipped to guide children’s physical, mental, and emotional development and assist the babies in reaching their greatest potential.

Her goal is to promote the Ability of the body, mind, and spirit for professionals, babies, and their families.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and if you would like to get trained or get more information, please reach out to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Agrapidis