Filling The Knowledge Gap In Babies’ Growth & Development

Most parents, even experienced mothers and fathers, don’t realize that babies don’t just develop on their own. 

They count on YOU to know how to proactively promote normal development, detect abnormal development, and understand how it ALL comes together to set their baby up for success!

Be prepared with the most up-to-date infant development knowledge and skills.


    Elizabeth Agrapidis is an accomplished pediatric physical therapist, teacher, author, toy inventor, NDT certified practitioner, wife, and a mom of two who is from New Orleans and now lives in Houston.

    She is putting many of the puzzle pieces of whole baby development together for nannies, caregivers, moms, and professionals like you from the convenience of your home and through specially offered seminars.

    She is building an active community to support children and families by optimizing a baby’s movement patterns and development before anything becomes a problem or affects their future. Her growing movement is called AbiliFit Baby Development Specialists and The Develop Connect Nurture Certificate Program!

    Her goal is to promote Ability of the body, mind, and spirit for professionals, babies, and their families.

    As a PE teacher, adaptive PE teacher for children with special needs, and a pediatric physical therapist, she noticed that there was something missing, and she wanted to help caregivers with children’s physical, mental, and emotional development from that point on in her journey.

    She now takes that knowledge, and practical experience and provides hands-on developmental strategies through coaching and workshops to help caregivers bond with their baby in ways they never knew were possible that will carry on with the baby for the rest of their lives.



    Core principles & development seminars focused on age and development-specific knowledge, tools, skills, & resources needed to promote comprehensive development and detect abnormalities.

    Birth - 3 Months

    • The 3 Core Principles of Development
      Cognitive Dev / Brain Health / Brain Development
    • Personal Vision: Be More, Achieve, Set Goals
    • Relevant Anatomy
    • Normal Development
    • Abnormal Signs of Development
    • How to Promote and Provide
    • Opportunities – Actual Techniques & Activities for Floor Time Facilitation
      Research on T(t)trauma
    • Primitive Reflexes
    • Swaddling Benefits & Purpose
    • Appropriate Toys to Play with Purpose
    • Infant Carriers
    • More Than Milestones

    And more…

    4 - 7 Months

    • Personal Vision Review
    • Anatomy Review
    • More Advanced Floor Time & Rolling Facilitation – videos of actual babies
    • Core Principles for Normal & Abnormal Signs of Development – What Is Happening During This Time & What They Need
    • Key Motor, Cognitive, Sensory Milestones and Activities
    • How to Play to Promote Motor, Cognitive, Sensory Development 4 – 7 months – videos of actual babies
    • Abnormal Signs to Observe
    • Primitive Reflexes and their Importance
    • Prematurity
    • Age-Appropriate Toys
    • Carriers: Good Positioning And Uses
    • Cognitive Development/Brain Health
    • Pandemic Effects on Infant Development
    • Behavior Boundaries
    • Communication of Your Value
    • How to Teach Skills To Your Family Without Overstepping Your Position

    8 - 12 Months

    • Review Important 4-7 Month Development Principles
    • Core Principles for Normal & Abnormal Signs of Development – What Is Happening During This Time & What They Need
    • Key Motor, Cognitive, Sensory Milestones and Activities
    • How to Play to Promote Development 8 – 12 months – Crawling & Walking!
    • Abnormal Signs to Observe
    • Primitive Reflexes for this age and their Importance
    • Appropriate Toys
    • Walking Accessories: Jumpers, Walkers, Shoes
    • Milestones
    • Cognitive development/Brain Health & Development
    • Sensory System Regulation
    • Bonus!!! Nanny Injury Prevention
    • Bonus!!! Common Kid Injuries to Prevent (TBI, slides, animals, dry drowning)

    Want To Be Beyond A Nanny & Stand Out for Your Care, Skill & Knowledge?